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Tax Preparation Apps and Tips

Tax season can be a stressful and nerve-racking time for many Texas residents. With so many different forms to fill out and steps to follow, you may not know where to start. And if you’re filing taxes on your own, any wrong move can lead to serious consequences and potential problems with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). We understand that a little bit of guidance can set you in the right direction, which is why we have put together a list of the top tax preparation apps and tips to put you in motion.

Top Tax Preparation Apps


In the world of tax preparation, most individuals in the U.S. are familiar with TurboTax, the leading tax software in the nation. A TurboTax mobile app, for both the Android and the iPhone, is also available, and can be easily switched between a tablet and a computer. If you have an iPad in your possession, you can even scan your W-2, and let the TurboTax pre-fill most of your information on the form. Finally, before you submit your tax return, the app will double-check your information and financial details to ensure there are no errors.

ItsDeductible Donation Tracker

A supplement to TurboTax, the ItsDeductible Donation Tracker allows individuals to stay on top of their tax-deductible charitable donations in one simple format. By keeping track of all your donations, you will no longer have to sift through a number of receipts before filing your taxes. With this convenient app, you can just make a note of the value of each donation, and calculate your estimated total savings. The ItsDeductible Donation Tracker is compatible with the iPhone, the iPad and iPod touch.

eSmart Tax

Although it is not available in a mobile format, eSmart Tax is a highly popular tax preparation software that helps you maximize your deductions and file your taxes in an efficient manner. Not only does it provide various tax resources, but it also helps simplify the filing process for you. Whether you need to obtain state forms or find out about certain deadlines, the eSmart Tax gathers everything for you in a few, easy steps. You can also use their convenient calculator to get a better estimate of the tax refund you can expect to receive, or the amount you may have to owe.

Top Five Tax Tips

As you are preparing your taxes, take the time to gather appropriate information and file the necessary documents, in order to avoid making any mistakes. When it comes to the Internal Revenue Service, what may appear as a simple mistake can end up costing you more than you expected. Follow these tips to make sure that you don’t fall in to any mishaps.

  1. Identify any dependents living with you, especially if there has been a recent change in your personal life. Noting your current household status can affect the total amount of taxes you owe, and in turn, even save you money.
  2. Seek an accountant that has been referred to you by a family member, employer or friend. Filing your taxes with a professional you trust will ultimately give you greater peace of mind.
  3. Double-check and triple-check the information on your tax return. Verify your name, your address, your Social Security Number, your income, your deductions and other details, one by one.
  4. Do not wait until the last minute to file your taxes. Once you have gathered all the documents you need, and carefully reviewed your information, you will be ready to file.
  5. Keep track of your charitable donations and contributions. Although you may only think about reporting your sources of income, it is important to also jot down the types of contributions you have made throughout the year.