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How to Complete a Change of Address With the USPS in Texas

Completing a change of address with the Postal Service in Texas is a crucial step when you move in the state. Submitting an official change of address form to the United States Postal Service, or USPS, must be done to avoid missing any important correspondence in the mail. A USPS address change ensures that you will receive all your mail uninterrupted whenever you move to a new residence. Additionally, a USPS change of address form is often the first thing you must complete when you move, but it will only ensure that your mail forwards to your new address. After you change your address with USPS in TX, you must also update your address with institutions and agencies that send you mail. USPS address changes can be completed online or by filling out a paper form. Learn everything you need to know about changing your address in Texas by reviewing the information below.

When to Complete a Postal Service Address Change in Texas

You may change your address with the Postal Service as soon as you have a new Texas address for your mail to be sent to. It is not recommended that you do a USPS address change before you have moved or before someone you trust can collect your mail at your new address. You may, however, fill out a USPS change of address form at any time and indicate the day you want your mail to begin forwarding to your new residence. Waiting to forward your mail until you have a new residence can ensure that no one else receives your mail by accident. Note that an official change of address form may take a short time, usually one to two business days, to be processed if you apply using a paper form.

Texas Official Change of Address Application Process

After moving in Texas, one method for changing your address with USPS is to complete a form from the USPS website. After submitting your USPS address change form, you will receive a notification verifying your address change. When changing your address with the Post Office, you will enter basic information about your address change, including:

The Texas USPS address change form allows you to complete one form for everyone in your family at the same time, provided everyone is moving to the same new address in the state. A separate USPS address change must be done for each person if some members of your family have different last names or if not all family members are moving to the same address. Additionally, if you receive mail under a maiden name or a nickname, then you may be required to complete a separate address change form for each name that you receive mail under.

Temporary USPS Address Changes in Texas

If you are moving temporarily in Texas, a USPS address change may not be required. Rather than changing your address with the USPS, you may be able to set up mail forwarding, complete a temporary address change form or simply have your mail held at the Post Office. The USPS address update for temporary residency is only an option if you plan to return to your permanent address. The USPS allows you to use a temporary mail forwarding option if you will be gone from your address for at least 15 days and plan to return within 12 months. You are initially allowed to set up mail forwarding for only six months, but you may extend the period to one year after the six-month mark. An alternative option to changing your address with the USPS is to hold your mail for up to 30 days at the Post Office if you do not wish to have your mail forwarded to a temporary address. Check what your options are for a temporary USPS address change at your local Post Office before making plans to leave.

Why You Must Change Your Address With the USPS in Texas

Changing your address with USPS is the first step to complete when you move in Texas, but you also must ensure that government agencies, businesses and other services will need to receive your new address as well. Completing a TX USPS address change does not automatically update your address with any company or government organization that has your address on file.

Completing a change of address with the Postal Service in Texas is the first thing you should do when you move to a new residence in the state. Failing to complete an official change of address form can result in missing important pieces of mail in a timely manner. In addition, mail that is delivered to your old address may contain personal information that you would not want someone else to access.