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Texas Divorce Certificates

A Texas divorce certificate is a legal document that proves you are divorced and provides details of your dissolution agreement. Texas divorce records are maintained by the District Clerk in the county where a divorce took place. You can also search divorce records through the Vital Statistics Unit (VSU) of the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). However, marriage and divorce records from the VSU are not all-inclusive and you cannot obtain records from divorces that took place before the year 1968. Additionally, an official divorce certificate can only be issued from the county where your divorce took place, not the VSU. You may obtain a copy of divorce papers in the event your original decree of divorce was lost or destroyed by filling out an application with the District Clerk in your county. Alternatively, you can get a copy of your divorce record here. In the sections below, find out everything you need to know about divorce documents and learn how to get divorce papers in Texas.

Why do I need my divorce papers in Texas?

You will acquire many divorce papers while going through a divorce in Texas. Some documents for divorce can be shredded after the court process is over, but many documents must be saved after the dissolution is finalized. Your copy of divorce decree papers should be kept on file after the divorce process is over, as these documents are your official divorce agreement. You may need a divorce decree copy for any of the reasons detailed below:

You can get a copy of your Texas divorce records here.

How to Get a Copy of Divorce Papers in Texas

A copy of divorce certificate documents can be issued by the District Clerk from the Texas county in which you got divorced. You can also get a copy of your divorce record here. If you are wondering how to find divorce records without getting an official decree, then you can also use the VSU. The VSU can find divorce records for you and issue a divorce verification letter. A verification letter does not serve as an official copy of a divorce decree and it cannot be used for any official purpose. It is simply a letter from the VSU that confirms whether a divorce occurred. To obtain a divorce record from the VSU, you must fill out an application, make a payment to cover the divorce record search costs and include identifying information about the divorce case.

To get an official Texas divorce decree, which is the document you may need to complete any applications that require you to prove your divorce is finalized, you may contact the District Clerk. Most District Clerk offices will allow you to purchase official or unofficial copies of divorce decrees or any other court documents you need. Depending on your county’s policies, you may be able to request a copy of your divorce papers online, by mail, over the phone or in person.

When requesting a certified copy of divorce decree papers in Texas, you will need to make a payment, which is usually charged at a flat rate per page. When requesting a TX divorce record, you may also need to know the following information:

Texas Divorce Search Methods

A divorce search in Texas can be performed for informational purposes by anyone in the state. To obtain information on a public record divorce in Texas, applicants can use the VSU or contact a District Clerk’s office directly. Most counties archive online divorce records that may be accessed on their websites. Although public record divorces are accessible by anyone, some counties may require that applicants create an account before they can access any records.

To access public information divorce cases on the VSU website, you may utilize the free Texas divorce record index catalog provided by the VSU. Divorce records are only available from divorces that occurred in Texas from the year 1968 to the present. Written statements of Texas divorce records can be obtained for a fee from the VSU as well. To obtain a divorce record verification letter, you must fill out an application requesting that the VSU perform a search of their records.

You cannot get official Texas divorce certificates by searching public records. For more information on how to get a copy of divorce decree papers, follow the steps in the section above. You can also get a copy of your divorce records here to avoid wait times.