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Texas Traffic School

Texas traffic school serves several different purposes. A traffic school course, otherwise referred to as a defensive driving course, can be taken to satisfy a court order after receiving a traffic ticket, remove violations from your driving record and even reduce your auto insurance premiums. It is important to note that before using a DMV traffic school course to remove points from your driving record, you must meet certain eligibility requirements. In Texas, you can take traffic school online or from one of the many traffic schools located throughout the state. Note that not every driving school is registered with the state of Texas. All driving classes must be certified through the Texas Education Agency in order to fulfill requirements. If you need to take a driver improvement course in Texas, find out everything you need to know about driving schools in the sections below.

Texas Traffic School Eligibility Requirements

Not everyone is eligible to take driver improvement courses after committing traffic violations in Texas. Unless you are taking a Texas driving course solely to get a better rate on your insurance, you must meet certain eligibility requirements. You cannot take a driving improvement class if any of the following apply:

Additional driving school requirements may vary based on where you live, as Texas traffic tickets are regulated on a county level. Some counties may allow you to take defensive driving courses for a particular traffic violation, whereas other counties may not offer Texas traffic training for that same violation.

How to Enroll in a Texas Driver Improvement Course

As mentioned above, traffic school enrollment options may vary based on the Texas county you live in. If you want to enroll in a defensive drivers course in TX to satisfy a traffic ticket, you may need to request this option before going to traffic court. Most counties do not allow you to request driving school on the day of your court hearing. In other words, most courts will not allow you to enroll in traffic training courses if the judge does not know before your trial that you wish to ask for this as an option. Keep in mind that even if you request that the judge considers driving school as an option, he or she can still decide whether or not to grant your request. Requesting a drivers improvement course does not mean you can automatically enroll, unless the court rules that you are allowed to do so. For a better understanding of how to request defensive driving courses in Texas in your county, refer to the rules printed on your traffic ticket or ask a traffic ticket attorney.

If you are granted permission to enroll in a Texas driving course, then you may search for qualified traffic schools in your area. Before choosing a traffic school, make sure it is licensed by the state. A database of driver improvement courses is available from the Texas Education Agency or the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

Texas offers many online driving school options as well as traditional schools that you can attend in person. Once you have located a TX driver improvement course that will suit your needs, you may apply directly at the school. Depending on your court decision, the judge may recommend or require that you enroll in a specific school in your area. Traffic course application methods vary for each school. When enrolling in driver improvement courses, you may be required to show your vehicle insurance card, Texas drivers license or court documents.

How much is traffic school in Texas?

Many affordable traffic school options are available in the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation database. All driving schools in Texas set their own pricing structures. Additionally, the length of time you are required to attend traffic training will determine how much you pay overall. Since each county has different court policies, you may be required to pay for traffic school through the court payment system or directly through the school.

How to Fulfill Texas Driving School Requirements

After you enroll in TX traffic school, you are required to meet that school’s attendance policies and all other requirements in order to pass. All traffic schools have standard requirements for attendance and successful completion. These rules include:

Texas driving school online may be the most convenient option if it is available, as such courses allow motorists to complete the necessary training on their own time.