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Texas Bill of Sale

A Texas bill of sale is a document that records the transfer of property, such as a vehicle, from one person to another in the state. A vehicle bill of sale is not required when buying a car from an individual in Texas. However, a bill of sale for car purchases can help both the seller and the buyer in a number of ways. First, a bill of sale document records when a vehicle sale took place as well as the selling price and any other terms of the sale that may be important to remember. Second, bills of sale in TX serve as receipts in the event a seller or buyer needs to refer to any information about the sale later on. Since Texas does not require bill of sale documents, there is not a standard bill of sale that can be used as an example. Instead, get a complete package for a bill of sale online here when handling a car sale or purchase. In the sections below, find everything buyers and sellers need to know about the car bill of sale process.

Texas Bill of Sale Form Creation

Any standard bill of sale document should include the same basic information when buying or selling a car. Since a Texas bill of sale template is not available from the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), you may make your own DMV bill of sale that includes all of the necessary information. A TX bill of sale contract should include the following:

Both a motorcycle bill of sale and a car bill of sale will include the same general information when buying or selling a vehicle in Texas. Including the above information on a TX bill of sale agreement will help both you and the other individual complete the sale with ease. Instead of making a Texas bill of sales on your own, you can obtain a complete used car bill of sale package here. Getting a comprehensive package ensures that no information is missed during your transaction.

Why use a bill of sale in Texas?

Since bills of sale in Texas are not required for car purchases, you may wonder what benefit a bill of sale may hold for you as the buyer or seller of a used car. There are many reasons that a bill of sale can help you. If you are the buyer, looking at the car bill of sale is a good reminder to check the VIN of the car you wish to purchase. The bill of sale documents should always include a VIN. If they do not, or the seller intentionally leaves out the VIN, then you may want to avoid signing the agreement. A VIN should always be checked before making a car purchase to ensure that the vehicle is mechanically sound and does not have anything in its history that the seller failed to tell you.

As the seller, using Texas bill of sale contracts is in your best interest as well. First, the bill of sale document should always include the agreed sale price of your vehicle. Your bill of sale agreement can protect you in the event the buyer fails to pay you in full or disputes the sale price after you have made the agreement. Second, if you wish to include any additional conditions with your agreement, these should be detailed on the bill. After the buyer signs the bill of sale contract, you can ensure he or she follows any conditions you set forth with the sale.

How to Complete a Bill of Sale Agreement in Texas

Although Texas does not require official bill of sale agreements to be used for car purchases, you will need to complete other forms when buying or selling a car. Much of the information on your bill of sale, if you choose to use one, will be used for the next step in the car selling process as well. Regardless of whether or not you use bill of sale documents, you and the buyer must still complete additional steps to officially transfer ownership. After buying or selling a car in Texas, you must:

Remember, a comprehensive Texas bill of sale package will help you and the other party include all of the necessary information on your bill of sale agreement. Much of the information on your bill of sale documents can be used to make the title transfer and registration application go more smoothly. Before buying or selling a car in Texas, get a comprehensive vehicle bill of sale package online here.