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Texas Motorcycle Insurance

Texas motorcycle insurance is a requirement for most motorbikes and motorized two-wheeled vehicles. Insurance for motorcycle vehicles has many of the same requirements as car insurance in Texas. To be properly covered, your motorcycle must meet certain insurance standards before you can operate it on state roads. Additionally, full coverage motorcycle insurance is available from most major insurance providers. Many providers may even offer cheap motorcycle insurance as an extra feature on your existing car insurance. Motorcycles are generally more expensive than cars to insure due to the fact that they are more dangerous to operate. However, affordable motorcycle insurance options are still available. Before choosing insurance for a motorcycle, it is important to compare quotes. In the sections below, learn what you need to know to get motorcycle insurance in Texas and find the best motorcycle insurance plan for your needs.

Texas Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

In Texas, insurance for motorcycles is required on any two-wheeled, motorized vehicle. As a general rule, you need TX motorbike insurance for regular motorcycles, mopeds, motor driven cycles and autocycles, which are three-wheeled vehicles with open cabs. Insurance is not required on vehicles such as electric bicycles or all-terrain vehicles that are designed for off-road use.

Texas also has minimum motorcycle insurance coverage standards that you must comply with. Motorcycle insurance companies in Texas must offer their customers a policy that includes $30,000 of liability coverage for each injured person and $25,000 of liability coverage for property damage per accident. These liability rates are just the minimum. A full-coverage motorcycle insurance plan will include more benefits to motorbike owners in the event of an accident. With so many motorcycle insurance plans available, it is important to compare rates before buying.

Why You Need Insurance for Motorcycles in Texas

Having a comprehensive TX motorcycle insurance plan can protect you from the financial hardship that often follows an accident. Insurance for motorcycles is just as necessary as it is for cars. Many motorcycles are as expensive as cars, if not more expensive in some cases, making replacement costly in case of damage. Motorcycles accidents are also more dangerous, making injuries more common and more severe. Getting motorcycle insurance in Texas will help cover high-cost medical bills after a collision.

Not only does motorcycle insurance protect you in the event of an accident, but it is also the law in Texas to have insurance on any vehicle. Failing to get motorbike insurance can lead to strict consequences if you are stopped by a police officer and cannot show proof of your insurance. Penalties for not having motorcycle coverage in Texas may include:

A higher motorcycle insurance cost may deter you from obtaining coverage in Texas. However, the fines and repair bills you may pay for failing to produce motorcycle insurance credentials can easily outweigh the cost of paying for insurance in the first place. By comparing insurance rates, you can find the cheapest motorcycle insurance available that still covers your needs and meets the insurance standards in Texas.

How to Get Motorcycle Insurance in Texas

Texas motorcycle insurance is offered by most major car insurance companies. If you also drive a car, then you may choose to insure a motorcycle with the same company that you use for car insurance. If you have an existing vehicle insurance plan, then you may have the option of adding your motorcycle to that plan for an additional cost. You may also search for motorcycle insurance companies online if you need to find a new company or you have never owned a vehicle before. Application processes differ based on each insurance company’s policies.

Comparing quotes for motorcycle insurance from multiple companies will help you find the most affordable option that meets all of your needs.

How much is motorcycle insurance in Texas?

The cost of motorcycle insurance in Texas varies depending on which type of two-wheeled vehicle you are covering. For example, motorcycle insurance rates, like car insurance rates, tend to be higher for vehicles that are classified as sport models. Motorcycle insurance costs also vary based on criteria such as:

Over time, your Texas motorcycle insurance costs will change. For example, motorcycle insurance rates can decrease as you get older or when you get a different bike that is less expensive to cover.