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DUIs in Texas

Texas DUI and DWI charges are serious offenses that can lead to high penalties. The terms DUI and DWI mean driving under the influence and driving while intoxicated. In Texas, you will most commonly hear of these charges referred to as DWIs, although the terms are used interchangeably. DUI consequences can be severe, especially if you have broken DUI laws multiple times. Getting a DUI may lead to being fined, having your license suspended, serving time in jail or having an ignition switch lock installed in your car. DUI penalties may also require you to appear in court, particularly if you wish to contest your charges. When charged with DUI offenses that require you to appear in court, you may want to obtain a DUI lawyer. A lawyer can help build a DUI defense. You may find a Texas DWI lawyer here to start building a case. In the sections below, find all the DUI information you need to know after being charged with a DUI in Texas.

What happens if you get a DUI in Texas?

You may be charged with a DWI in Texas if you are pulled over with a blood or breath alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or greater. Getting a DWI may also happen if you are under the influence of drugs. When you are charged with DUI offenses in Texas, the officer who pulled you over will issue a BAC test and write a ticket, which describes the legal action you must take next. Depending on your charges, you may need to pay a fine, spend time in jail or appear in court. If you need help handling DWI consequences, then a DWI defense attorney will help you build a case. Find a drunk driving attorney in Texas here.

Penalties for DWI in Texas

Certain circumstances may make DUIs and DWIs more serious charges in Texas, such as having an open container in the passenger area of the vehicle, driving under the influence with a child in the vehicle or committing a second or third offense. DWI laws state that your drivers license will automatically be suspended if you refuse to take the BAC, regardless of how many times you have committed a DUI offense.

Texas DUI consequences vary depending on how many times you have committed the offense. No matter how many times you have broken DUI laws, a DUI defense attorney can help you through the legal steps that follow. DWI penalties in TX may include any of the following punishments:

All of the above Texas DUI penalties may also include an annual driver’s license retention fee of several thousand dollars. The fee is charged each year as a DUI penalty intended to deter you from committing the offense again. If you need help, then you can find a Texas DUI attorney here who can help you understand all the drunk driving information you need to know. Drunk driving lawyers are equipped to help whether you want to contest the above drunk driving penalties or reduce your charges.

Types of Texas DUI Charges

The severity of DUI and DWI offenses in Texas determines whether you will be charged with a misdemeanor or criminal offense. Additionally, DWI laws determine the degree or class of misdemeanors and criminal charges by taking all of the DUI circumstances into account. Misdemeanor charges usually include driving under the influence with an open container in the vehicle or simply driving under the influence when no one is harmed by your actions. A TX DWI attorney can assist you with misdemeanor charges if you need help.

Getting a DUI in Texas can lead to more severe charges when others are harmed by your actions. DUI laws usually state that drunk driving offenses are felonies if you cause harm to anyone while operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Felony or criminal DUI charges may be issued if you:

If charged with a DWI felony in Texas, then a criminal DUI attorney can help you build a case. When you get lawyer DUI assistance, charges and penalties may be minimized. Find a lawyer to help with your DWI defense here.

Why Hire a DUI Attorney in Texas

Texas DWI penalties can be severe and being charged with a DWI can lead to a difficult court case. Getting a DUI defense assembled can be challenging on your own. You risk misunderstanding all of the drunk driving information that affects the outcome of your case without the help of a DUI defense lawyer. Obtaining a DWI or drug DUI attorney requires paying legal fees, but lawyers can help you avoid steeper penalties after you are charged with drunk driving offenses. If you get lawyer DWI assistance, then charges may be minimized, even for criminal offenses. Find a Texas criminal DUI lawyer or a defense lawyer to help with misdemeanor charges, here.