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Early Learning

If you have a child who is getting ready to attend school for the first time, it is important to review different educational institutions in your area. After all, making sure that your child feels at ease in his or her new environment is essential. Thankfully, the state of Texas offers a number of programs that will have young learners prepared for early childhood education.

Eligibility Requirements for Public School Early Learning

In Texas, children must meet a set of eligibility requirements in order to enroll in free, public school prekindergarten, which is determined by the state’s legislature. These factors may include one or more of the following:

Take note that the state of Texas offers public school learning for those young children who are considered most at risk of failing school. If you would more information about early learning, contact the TX Education Agency at 512-463-9734.

School Readiness

According to Texas state law definition, a child is considered school-ready for kindergarten when he or she is “able to function competently in a school environment in the areas of early language and literacy, mathematics, and social skills as objectively measured by state-approved assessment instruments.”

Additionally, a child is eligible to start kindergarten in Texas if he or she reaches the age of five before September 1 of the school year. Bear in mind that a child can enter kindergarten by meeting the age requirement. However, oftentimes a young learner’s skillsets are carefully examined and evaluated in order to determine their progress and path to successful education. For example, a child’s early literacy skills in kindergarten are reviewed by school districts in the state.

What to Bring When Registering Your Child for Kindergarten

As you are preparing to enroll your child in kindergarten, there is a list of important documentation that you will need to bring to the local school. Some of these items include the following:

Difference Between a Full-Day Program and a Half-Day Program

Note that a public school kindergarten can be offered on a half-day basis or a full-day basis, which is left at the discretion of the educational institution you are interested in for your child. A full-day program consists of seven hours per day, with breaks and intermissions in between. However, a half-day program is a minimum of three hours.