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Obtaining New Drivers License in Texas

If you are of legal age, you can begin applying for drivers licenses in the state of Texas. In order to obtain a new driving license, you will need to adhere to all the necessary steps, as required by the Department of Public Safety, and visit your local DPS office. If you recently moved to Texas, you must apply to transfer your out-of-state drivers license and pay any necessary fees. When you apply for a new license, you may need to take driving, knowledge and vision exams. Read the following sections below, as they outline the exact steps to take in order to obtain your new drivers license through the Texas DPS.

Out-of-State Texas Drivers License Applicants

Before Visiting Texas Drivers License Center

It is important to gather all the necessary documents with you prior to making a stop at your nearby DPS office. By making sure you have the proper documentation in your possession, this will help avoid long wait times at the driving license center. By law, the state of Texas requires drivers license applicants to submit documents that verify the following:

  • Your identity
  • Your Social Security Number
  • Your United States citizenship or legal status in the country
  • Your residence in Texas
  • A complete drivers license application

When presenting proof of identity, you must have on hand either one item from the primary identity documents category or two items from the secondary identity documents category. Make sure that your name and date of birth is mentioned on all the materials.

Acceptable proofs of residence may include a mortgage agreement, a lease agreement, a W-2 form, a utility bill (such as electricity, water, cable or Internet), a weapon’s permit or a recent magazine subscription.

Proof of Social Security Number must be presented in the form of your Social Security card or another document that is in its original form. If you have never received a Social Security Number, you can fill out an affidavit to supply as proof. Take note that if you do not have a SSN, you will be unable to complete the process of obtaining a license to drive commercial vehicles.

At the Texas Drivers License Center

Upon gathering all the required documentation, you can then make your way to a local Department of Public Safety office to submit your driving license application. During the time of your visit, you will be asked to take a vision test, as well as a knowledge test and driving test (if applicable). The tests you will need to pass will depend on whether or not you are a first-time drivers license applicant, or an out-of-state resident. Before completing the driving license process, you must also have payment ready for any necessary fees.