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Texas Motorcycle Endorsements

In Texas, motorcycle riders must obtain a specific Class M license that allows them to operate a motorcycle or moped. The requirements to obtain a Texas motorcycle driving license vary, depending on whether or not you are under the age of 18, or if you are an out-of-state driver. You must take a motorcycle safety class to qualify for a Class M license. If you are a new Texas resident and have a valid motorcycle license or endorsement, you can transfer your out-of-state credentials and opt out of the motorcycle safety course. Learn more about the process of obtaining your motorcycle license in Texas below.

Getting a Motorcycle License (If Under the Age of 18)

Young drivers can apply for a motorcycle drivers license, as long as they have a Class C learner license or driving license in their possession. Additionally, part of the requirements entail completing a drivers education course in a classroom setting. If you recently moved to Texas, you will also be required to complete this class.

Required Motorcycle Tests

Just like a standard driving license, the Texas Department of Public Safety makes it mandatory to take and pass a vision test, a written knowledge exam and a road skills test when getting a motorcycle license. However, since January 2015, if you have completed a motorcycle safety course in the state, you do not need to pass a written knowledge exam.

Bear in mind that you will also need to pass a vision exam during the time of your DPS visit, proving that you have met the regular vision criteria to legally drive. If your eyesight is considered to be less than the standard requirements, you will need to visit your local optometrist for further testing.

Motorcycle Driving Test Exemptions

The motorcycle driving test is the final exam you need to take in the application process. In certain instances, though, you may be exempt from this Class M motorcycle license requirement. If any of the following applies to you, the motorcycle drivers test will be waived:

Getting a Moped License

If you do not have a standard driving license or a learning license, you will be required to take the general written knowledge exam, in addition to a motorcycle knowledge test. However, if you are in the process of transferring your out-of-state motorcycle license, this test will be waived for you.

Note: Individuals who are applying for a moped license are not required to take a driving test.

In order to set up your appointment for a written knowledge exam, visit your local Texas Department of Public Safety office. Be fully prepared for the exam ahead by taking some time to take a motorcycle endorsement practice test and reviewing study guides.

You can also obtain a copy of the Texas drivers manual for your perusal from the state DMV website itself. The manual will include information about getting a motorcycle license, as well as how to complete a motorcycle license renewal.