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How to Change the Address on a Texas Car Title

You must change address on car title documents whenever you move to a new residence. When you update your address, it ensures that this important form displays your correct, current information. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is the agency that handles address changes on car titles and other motorist-related tasks in Texas. If you neglect to obtain a TX DMV title change address after moving, you risk facing problems later when your vehicle title address does not match your other legal documents.

People frequently forget to update their address on a car title because a vehicle title is not a document that most people will need to use on a regular basis. However, you will wish you had submitted a Texas title change of address form if you need to use your title for loan collateral or another important task. Review the information organized below to learn how to change your address on your car title and find out which method works best for you.

When is a Texas vehicle title address change necessary?

You should submit aTX DMV title change address application whenever you move to a new house or apartment within the state of Texas. There is a certain grace period that the TX DMV grants motorists to complete this task. If you cannot update your new address within the designated timeframe, you may have to pay additional charges in the form of late fees.

Another time you may need tochange your car title address in Texas is if you notice an error on your vehicle title. Always review a printed copy of your title and check it for mistakes. Obtain a change of address application if you happen to catch a typo, misspelling or other type of mistake on your car title.

If you are serving in the United States Armed Forces and have questions on how to change your car title address, review the section below on title and registration information for military personnel.

Forms and Information Needed for Car Title Address Changes

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles provides one TX car title change address application form. This form is also used to change the address on your car registration documents. Therefore, you can submit title and registration changes in one timesaving step.After you submit this form, future car registration renewal notices will be sent to the new address.

You must submit basic information when you change your address on a car title. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicle’s change of address form for a car title has spaces for your name, new address and contact information. The TX title change of address formalso requests information about your vehicle’s year, make, body style, current license plate number and the vehicle identification number (VIN). If you have trouble completing your form because you cannot locate your VIN on your car, you can usually find your VIN printed on three types of documents:

  1. Your auto insurance card
  2. Your last vehicle registration renewal card
  3. Last year’s car registration sticker receipt

Steps to Change a Texas Car Title Address

To update address on car title documents, obtain and complete the change of address application. Submitting your form is simply a matter of deciding if you would rather do so by mail or in person. Both ways to update your address are relatively inexpensive. For the lowest fee, choose the mail-in method for submitting your vehicle title address change application.

When you change address on car title information, you have the option of ordering a printed copy of your title. An additional fee will be added to the normal charges, but it is minimal. After you complete a title and registration address change in Texas, you are not required to obtain a printed copy of your updated title document. However, it is recommended to get a hard copy showing your updated address, so that you have one when you need it.

At this time, you cannot change your address on your car title online through the state’s online portal. You also cannot use the online car title address form to record a change in the address where the vehicle is normally kept. However, you can use the online portal for other TX DMV-related tasks.

Car Title Address Changes for Military Personnel

There are different rules for how to get a title and registration address change in Texas as a member of the United States Armed Forces. It is optional for soldiers and sailors to update their address after moving to another home or another base within the state of Texas. This is true whether your vehicle is registered in Texas or in another state. However, if you do not obtain a title and registration address change, you may miss receiving a registration renewal notice before it is due.

If you are stationed in Texas temporarily, you do not need to obtain a Texas title and registration address change form. Instead, you may keep your title and registration from your home state. Note that you are still required to keep the registration current. If you are a Texas resident serving in another state or a foreign country, you can keep your Texas title and simply update your registration on an annual basis.

If you decide to remain permanently in Texas, and your car is already titled in Texas, you will need to obtain a title and registration address change form and put your permanent address on record. If you decide to become a permanent resident and your car is titled in another state, like any new resident you will have to register your TX title and registration address changewithin a certain timeframe after moving to your permanent home. Note that you must have your car inspected before it can receive a new Texas title.